1812 Overture & Harbor Illumination

1812 Overture & Harbor Illumination

We are entering the final phase of our countdown with only 2 weeks remaining until the Fourth.

Painting "1812 Overture & Harbor Illumination"

"1812 Overture & Harbor Illumination" by Christopher Gurshin

I recently spoke with world-renowned artist Christopher Gurshin, who was the featured artist at the Hospice Auction and Regatta this year, and he kindly agreed to let me use an image of his painting “1812 Overture & Harbor Illumination” on the Marblehead Fireworks website. This painting was inspired by his experience during July 4th at Crocker Park several years ago where he heard the 1812 Overture prior to the Marblehead Fireworks and Harbor Illumination.

I hope this painting will in turn inspire you all to invite friends and family to join you in Marblehead this Fourth of July and please continue sending your donations.