After careful consideration of the new timeline for reopening procedures announced by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, as well as the safety, health, and security concerns regarding large-scale events, and after consultation with our commercial fireworks provider, the committee is unanimously recommending to cancel the traditional July 4th Marblehead Fireworks and Harbor Illumination.

One major factor weighing heavily in our decision-making process was the fact that most surrounding towns that usually have a fireworks display on July 4th have already decided to cancel their displays entirely this year. More specifically, Swampscott, Lynn, as well as Beverly and Manchester by the Sea are among those towns who have canceled their displays. In fact, according to our fireworks provider, our event would have been the only display on the entire North Shore happening on July 4th.

As you can imagine, this would most likely have resulted in an extraordinary influx of people into our Town on that day, including by land and by sea, and the committee was unanimous in our concern that this would create untenable safety and health hazards for the public.

Over the next several weeks we plan to look further into possible alternate fireworks dates later this summer, but it would most likely only make sense to move to such an alternate date, if other surrounding communities did the same – otherwise similar safety concerns would exist regarding such an alternate date.

We know that this is a very disappointing announcement, but we strongly feel that the concerns for the safety and health of our community expressed by committee members who are trained and experienced public safety professionals warrant this approach.

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